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Guest blog: Felicia Ferguson Journal Prize to...Winner: Laurie Sibley

Updated: Jan 29, 2023

Dear Readers, please join me in welcoming Felicia Ferguson! I've posted on several Christian author sites asking for bloggers, and have forgotten how I "met" Felicia. I am excited to meet another Christian author.

My name is Felicia Ferguson. I currently live in the Florida panhandle, but I grew up on a horse and cattle farm in Kentucky. I polled some of my closest, but also newest friends and I was surprised by their responses. They agreed that while it may not be the first thing someone would notice, my deep faith in God and commitment to following him is what struck each of them.

Tell us about your book?

The Choices She Made is a split time contemporary women’s fiction book following the main character when she is seventeen and then thirteen years later.

In 1997, seventeen-year-old Madeline Williams is torn between continuing her family ranching legacy and accepting her Army-bound boyfriend's marriage proposal.

But when an assault by John David Billings, the son of a wealthy rancher, leaves her pregnant, Madeline sacrifices both options, choosing to leave town and raise the child alone.

It's been several years, and when she returns to her hometown to meet with her father, rumors circulate about John David's trial--for assaulting other women. Madeline struggles with the secret she's kept from her daughter—and everyone but her father—all of these years.

If she testifies, John David could be put away for good. Doesn't help that he's hired a killer lawyer, and it would take a testimony like hers just to put him behind bars. But if she unveils her past, that could have some dangerous repercussions for her daughter.

She has trusted God throughout her entire life, but can she trust him to carry her through this trial?

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

Oddly enough, Madeline herself was the easiest to write despite everything she experienced. It was like she sat down with me and just opened up her life and all I had to do was transcribe her story. The one who gave me the biggest challenge was her English teacher, Mrs. Hastings. I really wanted to make sure I honored a good, kind woman who was the wife of a pastor and possessed a deep faith, but couldn’t have children. And here was Madeline who was pregnant as a teenager out of wedlock. One my friends and critique partners is an adoption attorney and so I really picked her brain to make Mrs. Hastings feel authentic in her desperation as she approached Madeline with the option of adoption.

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

Madeline saddles up a horse and goes trail riding when she needs to think. Where do you go? Do you go for a drive, a walk, or have somewhere special to sit and be?

What is the first book or story that caught your heart as a child?

I was an avid reader, but Madeleine L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time in my fifth grade reading textbook was the one that lit the fire of my imagination. Interestingly enough, the fifth grade was also when I knew I wanted to be a writer.

Share your social media and buy links!

Facebook: feliciafergusonauthor

Instagram: @felicia_writes

Twitter: @felicia_writer

Pinterest: felicia_writes

To buy the book:

She also has a website and a quarterly newsletter that readers can sign up to receive there.

Thank you, Felicia, for joining us! Love your questions--and I'll answer below. :)

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