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Guest blogger: Patti Shene and Cathy's Christmas Confession WINNER: Stephanie H.

Updated: Nov 26

Hello everyone! I’m Patti Shene and I grew up on the South Shore of Long Island in New York, but I’ve made my home in Southeastern Colorado for the past fifty years. No, I don’t get to see the Rocky Mountains from my front door and my closest neighbors are cows.


My Christmas novella, Cathy’s Christmas Confession, was published through KDP last November. Readers who know me have told me they see a trait in my main character Cathy that I sometimes exhibit, mainly that she doesn’t always use commo sense! Here’s the back cover blurb:


During a snowstorm, widow Cathy Fischer creams a stop sign on her way to work at the Christmas Ridge Community Church. Acquaintance David Martin stops to help. Cathy sees signs of deep grief in David, a recent widower. She reaches out with support to help David through this most difficult first Christmas without his beloved wife.

David Martin struggles with grief over the death of his wife. He blames God for her rapid demise after her cancer diagnosis. Cathy reaches out to him with compassion and support and soon enlists him in her mission to bring joy to others at Christmas. Will their joint quest restore David’s faith?

David needs to turn loose of the past and embrace his future. Cathy has a confession to make to the entire community that may give David a different perspective of who she really is. Will her confession set her free?

Does God have plans in mind for the two of them they did not anticipate?


Here’s a peek at page one:

Cathy Fischer chiseled at the thick ice encasing the windshield of her gunmetal gray Dodge Ram. Snow blew in her face, slithered down her neck, and crunched under her feet.


Why spend time today on what could be put off until tomorrow? Or the next day. Six decades of this philosophy that had caused her grief more than once was playing havoc again.


Ice wouldn’t have formed under a foot of snow blanketing her truck if a dead garage door battery hadn’t prevented her from putting the vehicle in the garage. That’s where it belonged during an overnight Colorado winter storm. She’d intended to replace the battery days ago.


By the time she cleared the windows, the defroster had left a peep hole in the windshield.


Snow covered the roof. Should she stand on the running board and clear it?




That frozen icing would stay right where it was on this metal cupcake.


She backed down the driveway and waited as a black SUV crept up the road. The white stuff fell in a heavy curtain, reducing visibility to less than a quarter of a mile. Wind whipped the shards of icy precipitation against her windshield. She kept a safe distance from the vehicle ahead and tested her brake.


Just in case.


Sure enough.


Slick pavement.


Have you ever been in an auto accident while driving in inclement weather?


Several years ago, I rolled my F-250 pickup on my way to work when I underestimated the severity of slick conditions on the highway. Totaled the pickup and sustained no more injury than a bruised leg.


Cathy feels a need to spread Christmas joy, especially to those who are hurting and lonely. What are your favorite ways to share the joy of the season?


One of the things I enjoy is delivering plates of baked goods and candies (which I purchase!) to my elderly friends.



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Thank you, Christina, for allowing me to visit your blog today!

GIVEAWAY: A free print copy (if in the continental U.S.) or e-copy of Cathy's Christmas Confession to a random commenter! Blessings to all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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