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What I’m reading now

Updated: Dec 9, 2019

I'm always reading. How about you? Share what you're reading in the comments. Please! :)

I read my Bible and devotional book every morning. I read a chapter of the Bible every day, in a continuous loop. Right now, I'm in Numbers. Sometimes, in the Old Testament, it's hard to understand what appears to be a harsh God but then I learn something about obedience.

I'm also reading a page or two of a "serious" book a day. Right now, it's my husband's The Last Hurrah, a book about a Civil War battle in Missouri. He's a good writer (no, I didn't have to say that, he'll probably never see this), but war makes me sad.

Just for Fun

The romance novel I'm reading right now is Mary Balogh's Christmas Brides. Her historical fiction is so well written!

I'd love to find some new authors. Please share your favorites down below.

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