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In third grade, I started writing poetry. In fifth grade, I wrote a play that my class enacted. In eighth grade, I wrote my first novel--something about the spices in our kitchen coming to life. Or was it the monstrous goop that came out of the sink and swallowed my family?

I attended Hollins College and wrote more poetry. But over the years, life got busy and writing took a backseat to raising my two children, Scott now 27, and Lindsey, 23. I also became a psychology professor because I love people and studying how we all work.  I actually started down the psychology road because I wanted to write better characters.

For so many years, my writing career consisted of publishing a few poems and a short story. I was a finalist in the Romantic Times Magazine American Title Contest and had my picture in the magazine. I was also a finalist in the Linda Howard Excellence in Writing Contest as well as the Lone Star State Inspirational Category. Interestingly, I was featured in one scene of the documentary, "Between The Covers." I also received a lot of "no's." 

Then, on June 6, 2019, I saw a call for Christmas novellas, due by the end of the month! I buckled down and wrote The Christmas Confusion in 3 weeks! It got accepted. Next up was last year's Christmas on Ocracoke. When I shared that first novella with my mentor, she said she wanted to read the sisters' stories and Shelby's story, Sweet Summer came out July 6, 2021.  Emma's story, Why They Call it Falling, is expected May 2022.  I just finished writing Meggy's story, Hope of Hatteras. Megan is Trey's younger sister from Ocracoke. I get attached to my characters!


My roots are deep in the South and my stories are about the families who live here.  Thank you for reading and thank the Lord for His gifts!

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