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Celebrate Lit--All I Want for Christmas

About the Book Book: All I Want for Christmas Author: Fay Lamb Genre: Christian Fiction Release date: November 21, 2021 A wedding headed for disaster, A crime syndicate bent on destruction, And a bunch of hungry alligators.

Knee deep in preparation for her best friend’s Christmas wedding, Abigail Brewster reels when her estranged younger sister returns to Mullet Harbor. She brings secrets, intrigue, and trouble along with her—a crime syndicate set on goals that would destroy the harbor. And Abigail is in the middle of their scheme.

Remy Arneaux doesn’t understand the reason for Susan Brewster’s return, and maybe that’s due to the brain fog from his concussion. But he does know enough not to trust her and not to let her near Abigail. The self-centered woman would only hurt her . . . again. Abigail has had enough pain, even from him. Still, he made a promise to escort someone else to the wedding. And with the promise is a secret that begins to rip his relationship with Abigail apart.

According to Mayor Herb’s edict, nothing is allowed to mar this occasion for his only granddaughter. Not heartbreak, not tirades from a spoiled young woman, and not threats from organized crime. But what about their attempts to make good on their threats . . .

Click here to get your copy! About the Author Fay Lamb is the only daughter of a rebel genius father and a hard-working, tow-the-line mom. She is not only a fifth-generation Floridian, she has lived her life in Titusville, where her grandmother was born in 1899. Since an early age, storytelling has been Fay’s greatest desire. She seeks to create memorable characters that touch her readers’ hearts. She says of her writing, “If I can’t laugh or cry at the words written on the pages of my manuscript, the story is not ready for the reader.” Fay writes in various genres, including romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary fiction. More from Fay Writing is supposed to be fun, right? Well, for a while, writing was the last thing I wanted to do. And when you have two series contracted and many other books waiting in line to be written, that’s a big problem. I’m sure that I’m not the only person on the face of this earth who recently placed fun in a jar and hid it away for at least a week, maybe a month, maybe even a year. Heck, some of us may have fun still hidden away. I truly thought I’d lost my sense of humor. And then I sat down to be purposeful in my writing. Abigail tiptoed onto the page (literally), and then the quirky denizens of Mullet Harbor worked their magic and the story unfolded before me. Abigail and her hero, Remy, may have had some difficulties in life, but for me, I had the time of my life. When I finished writing All I Want for Christmas, I sat back and I marveled that I had not lost that sense of humor, especially not in my writing. I recalled that in all my writing life, when things were bleakest, my writing brought a smile, and I have always wanted it to bring a smile to others. Mission accomplished. Humor has been removed from the hiding place and firmly installed back into the funny bone, and my prayer is that the readers will allow Mullet Harbor to bring a little humor—and suspense—to their lives.

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My Review:

I know as authors, we are supposed to support fellow authors. I also truly don't want to hurt anyone else's feelings, but...

This book wasn't a favorite. I feel like the conflict between the hero and heroine didn't make any sense--just talk to her (which he did, but not fast enough). I think the author included some dangerous inclinations (I live in South Carolina and do NOT ever play ball with an alligator--we've had a death in the state every year for the last four years).

There were a whole lot of characters and I found myself struggling, and then not caring, about how they were all connected and who was related to whom and how. I also wanted the hero and heroine to show a connection between them on the pages of this book. My gut feeling is they built their romance on the pages of previous books, so this felt like I was missing something.

Overall, my recommendation is not to read this as a stand-alone and make sure you've read the previous books first. As part of the larger series, the story may be enjoyable.

I did receive this book as part of the Celebrate Lit tour but was not required to give a positive review (which may be obvious now). The opinions are my own.

So, readers, what do you think? Should a reader not say negative things in a review? Do you find yourself frustrated if you read a book in the middle of a series and not know what's going on?

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