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Girls' Day Out

I don't know if this is best practice, but I like my blog posts to be about different topics. Today is about friendships. I am at a point in my life where I am blessed with many and varied friendships, from all points in my life, and from the different aspects of my life. This blog is in praise of those ladies and God's grace in sharing them with me.

It wasn't always that way. In elementary school, I was the skinny little girl who only owned three dresses when everyone else was wearing blue jeans. I loved books and I loved to read and definitely got picked last for kickball and knocked down on the playground. My friends from that era still in my life are from outside school--my mother's best friend's daughter, Lynda, and a cousin, Renee.

Middle school actually got a little better because all of the elementary schools in our whole county combined into one intermediate school that allowed for new friends and starting over. A friend I just reconnected with a few years ago comes from that time--we met in typing class. Um, yes, you can say I'm old, but I don't regret taking that class--not only for the friends, but the words per minute. Sandy and I met for lunch for the first time since high school just two years ago, and it was as if the years never happened.

High school didn't introduce new friends, but somehow I'm starting to connect with people in my classes just because age teaches you that it doesn't really matter who was the nerd and who was the prom queen. We are all going to have successes and pain.

I attended college at Hollins University, an all-female college where we enjoyed wine and cheese parties and Christmas tea. I met my husband during those years--he attended VMI. The number of friends from that time are numerous--Jessica is one of the first to buy my every book, Jenny likes ever post, and Nancy attends my Facebook book launches. I also just reconnected with Martha after so many years--reconnecting seems to be a theme for me these last years. (It's not that I'm getting older, I'm getting smarter).

Graduate school, my first job after finishing my degree (we're having lunch this weekend with Marlynn and Brian, whom I met the first day of orientation at Georgia Southern where I had my first professor position), my forever job (Susan and I have never stopped being friends), swim team moms from my daughter's childhood (another Susan and a Janice and a Lisa and another Susan), friends from church, students, and so on.

I don't want to make this seem like I'm bragging about how many friends I have. If I only had one good friend, I would be so blessed. I am also meeting new friends through writer's groups and online communities. I want to celebrate all of you and pray for you.

So, below (I've fixed the comments so you don't have to login--aargh, took me long enough--thanks to another friend, Nicole, for showing me how), let's share about the wonderful friends God has blessed us with! Oh, and thank you, Dianne and Kieran and Mary for all your help with my writing (writing friends are more of a God's gifts!).

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Jul 20, 2021

Great to be considered a friend of yours! - Nicole

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