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Guest Blog: Alice Murray and The Secret of Chimneys PRIZE: Signed Copy of Book

Dear Readers, please help me welcome Alice Murray...a writer I came in contact through one of my writer's groups online--I'm losing track--as I search for interesting books and Christian authors.

Hi, it’s a pleasure to meet you--well, at least virtually. My name is Alice H. Murray, but if

you read my weekly blog, you’ll recognize me as WONDER-ing Woman. I’m a native Floridian

having been born in Orlando, Florida, Currently, however, I reside in L.A.—that’s Lower

Alabama as we residents of the Florida Panhandle sometimes refer to ourselves. Life’s literally a beach for me as I live along Florida’s gorgeous Emerald Coast famous for its white sand.

What do people notice when they meet me?

The first thing which catches their eye is likely my red hair and freckles. Yes, I can truthfully say on St. Patrick’s Day (and every day for that matter), “Kiss me, I’m Irish.”

Of course, my physical appearance is just the cover of the book called me. Once you dive

in to getting to know me, you’ll quickly realize I love humor. My close friends will add that the

cornier the humor, the more I like it. (I received socks with corn cobs pictured on them for my

birthday in honor of this perceived sense of humor.) And I use humor frequently, posting a

“funny” on my personal Facebook page each night. Why in the evening? Laughter is the best

medicine, especially at the end of a long day.

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.

My book, which just released on April 4th , is The Secret of Chimneys. If the title sounds

familiar, that’s because it originally appeared in 1925 as a mystery written by Agatha Christie.

Given the passage of time, the work is now in the public domain; thus, I’ve updated the story by removing archaic language, jazzing up some chapter titles, and making the work more

understandable to the modern reader. Annotations provide more detail and insight into references in the work. This bonus material includes maps, pictures, and even a recipe.

The back cover blurb sums up my book baby as follows:

It’s Agatha Christie for the newest generation of mystery readers.

The Secret of Chimneys, an update of Agatha Christie’s mystery, is just as exciting to read now as when the Queen of Crime penned the original in the 1920s. 

The story whisks the reader off on a mental trip to faraway places (Rhodesia, the French coast,

London, the English countryside) on a rollercoaster ride to determine whodunnit and why. 

The Secret of Chimneys isn’t just a murder mystery. It throws readers into a world of romance,

royalty, political intrigue, imposters, and a stolen diamond. Adding to the enjoyment, the book

offers enlightening bonus material about people, places, and things mentioned so readers feel like they’re coming alongside Christie as she pens the story. 

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

Writing any book is a daunting task. In this case, I felt guilty in daring to tinker with a

work written by such a masterful author as Agatha Christie. But because I admire her creativity

and writing so much, I felt compelled to put The Secret of Chimneys into a form attractive to and understandable by the modern reader. I wouldn’t want today’s generation to miss out on this great tale penned decades ago.

Secondarily, this writing project challenged me simply because the book was set in a time

way before mine. Many of the phrases, places, and references mentioned meant nothing to me,

although a contemporary of Christie’s would easily comprehend them. The challenge turned into a joy of learning about a different time, a different country, and a different lifestyle. Hopefully, readers will feel the same way and enjoy an entertaining read while learning interesting facts.

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

Now that you know about me, let me ask you a couple of questions. Is your ancestry a

mystery? Are you related to someone famous?

Why do I pose these particular questions? Much as I love Christie’s Hercule Poirot

solving mysteries, some things might be best left a mystery. In my case, my ancestry would fall

into that category. As a child, I heard it said that my maternal relatives and I might be related to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the creator of Sherlock Holmes. My maternal grandfather’s last name

and, of course, my mom’s maiden name, was Doyle. How cool would it be for me to be a writer,

to have a mystery book published, and be related to such a famous writer in that genre? I shy

away from conducting genealogical research on my family because I don’t want my dream that I might have writing in my genes dashed if I’m not related to the famous British writer.

Share your social media and buy links!

Buy Links:

For those who wish to purchase a copy of The Secret of Chimneys (you know you want

to!), orders can be placed on:

a. the website of the book’s publisher, End Game Press

(; and

b. Amazon (



Social media links:

My blog:

Facebook: Alice H, Murray, Writer

Personal Facebook: Alice Hale Murray

Instagram: alice.h.murray

Pinterest: Alice Murray

Author website:

Other links:

Christian Mix 106: Murray's Motivational Moment airing

Mondays at 10 and 2 CT


Thank you for joining us, Alice! I have to admit I had no idea that this kind of thing is possible--an interesting possibility, no doubt.

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02 may 2023

The winner was Lana of the guests below--she emailed me her name and I entered her into the drawing! Wix won't seem to allow me to post that up top. Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!

Me gusta

29 abr 2023

My family’s on maternal and paternal are quite colorful. My mothers side comes from Ireland-Arthur’s and Haymes’s. We are related to Chester Arthur, but nobody knows if we should brag about that! Lol Just kidding-sort of! On my Dad’s side one of his relatives, a Whittington ran off with King Edward IV, I believ it’s the Fourth’s daughter. I don’t want to go dig it up. But, anyway, ive always told my daughters they were princesses of Jesus and of this earth, too! I always intended to write Queen Elizabeth but never did! I so wish I had. I would have loved to see if she would hav3 responded to my letter. We had lots of other celebrities in our…

Me gusta
30 abr 2023
Contestando a

Thanks for sharing! By the way, to be included in the drawing, I need your name. :) Have a blessed day!

Me gusta

Sarah Taylor
Sarah Taylor
25 abr 2023

My daughter has been doing research for her hertiage I think it is so nice one can do this And Welcome Alice to Christine's Blog post Your book sounds amazing

Me gusta
26 abr 2023
Contestando a

Thank you, Sarah. I had fun working on the book and learned so much. Hope you will consider reading it. Alice Murray

Me gusta

25 abr 2023

My genealogy is pretty much a mystery...just know that my family--on both sides--has been in Botetourt County, Virginia since the 1700s. There are gravestones that go back at least that far...hillbillies through and through. :)

Me gusta

25 abr 2023

We did genealogy and found out we are related to Davy Crocket, and the McCoys. Going to continue to see what else we can find. Congrats on your book.

Me gusta
26 abr 2023
Contestando a

Thank you for your congratulations. It is the fulfillment of a lifelong dream to have published a book. If you're related to the McCoys, there might be trouble if you're also related to the Hatfields. :) Alice Murray

Me gusta
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