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Guest Blog: Bettie Boswell and Free e-copy to Commenter WINNER: Dianne Miley

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Dear Friends, please join me in welcoming Bettie Boswell, whom I met virtually through the American Christian Fiction Writers' email loops.

Introduce yourself—name, where you’re from, and something people notice when they meet you. Hi, I'm Bettie Boswell from Northwest Ohio, not far from the Toledo area. I taught elementary general music and primary classrooms during my career as a teacher. I'm also a minister's wife. I try to smile at everyone I meet and hope they have a wonderful day. Often people see my friendly expression and think they know me. I've enjoyed many unusual conversations with strangers.

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb. Hoping for Treasure is the third book in a trilogy centered around Ginny Cline-Hallmark. In this third book she is a newlywed. A few months after Ginny and Scott's marriage begins, tragedy strikes when a miscarriage dashes their hopes of immediately starting a family. As Ginny seeks comfort by reading a manuscript about her great-grandparent's post-WWII romance ( previously hidden in an old desk,) she discovers secrets about her family, and the Woodson House's hidden history. The previous books in the trilogy are On Cue (Ginny's contemporary romance) and Free to Love-a prequel to On Cue (Ginny discovers a romance along the Underground Railroad as she researches and writes a musical that will be featured in On Cue.)

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book. Opening up about having a miscarriage and putting that experience into a character's story was both cleansing and heart wrenching. Many women have experienced this loss without sharing publically. Some carry on with life while others are devastated or carry feelings of guilt. I hope that those who've gone through this loss will find some hope by reading Hoping for Treasure.

OR share an excerpt... (look, readers, a bonus:)

Scott wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders as he surfed through channels and settled on a newscast about the local weather. The scrolling ticker along the bottom of the screen confirmed Ginny's days off and his employer's decision to go digital for the next few days. After the weatherman announced the roads were hazardous and people who traveled them would face ticketing by law enforcement, Scott flipped the TV off and kissed Ginny's neck.

Carlos growled. Jezebel crawled across both of their laps.

"I think they want us to pay them some attention." Ginny snuggled into his side as she attempted to pet both beasts.

"I guess we have been pretty busy getting to know each other." Scott wiggled his eyebrows in his best attempt at playful flirting. "So what did you do with these animals hounding you all day?"

Carlos jumped into the pile and managed to push his rump between the couple while resting his head on Jezebel's back.

"I followed my husband's advice and read from my Grandmother Stuart's treasure box."

"Did you find out anything interesting or romantic?" He smooched her cheek. Carlos licked their faces, resulting in laughter all around. Leave it to Carlos to ruin the moment.

"It’s a mixed bag of mysteries so far. One of the treasures was another packet of poetry from Missy Hollings, the woman I researched for the musical."

"How did your relative come across those?"

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two. I want to encourage comments and engagement. An example might be their best or worst Christmas memory. Share your answer and then look for theirs.

In all my books, Ginny has a quirky basset hound named Jezebel who gets in trouble from time to time. Like Jezebel, my real life hound once rolled in a berry patch and became covered in colorful spots.

If you have a pet what is the wackiest thing your pet has ever done?

If you don't have a pet, have you ever seen an animal at the zoo, or in your neighbor's yard, doing something that made you laugh?

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