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Guest Blog: Carol Underhill's Christmas Novella

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Serena's New Year's Wish...

Serena came to Chicago for a fresh start. She never imagined that her new boss was the father of the little girl she saved, or the man that she is falling in love with. Her heart has room for Mark and his daughter, but she wants more than he willing to give.

Mark didn’t expect a second chance at love, but he is certain that he and Serena are a perfect match. Only they can’t agree on one very important thing. Is he willing to let go of his fear to give Serena the desire of her heart? Or will his decision to stick with his plan drive her away?

Author Bio:

Carol Underhill lives in rural Michigan a few miles from where she grew up. She is mom to three adult children and a spoiled Lab. Her household also includes several rescued cats. She likes finding new authors on Kindle and binge-reading all their books. Carol promotes Christian fiction by featuring other authors’ books on her blog. She rewards herself for meeting her writing goals with a cup of Mackinac Island fudge-flavored coffee. She enjoys listening to music while she writes and has a playlist for every mood.

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Dear Readers...Carol shared a special Christmas memory:

"A favorite photo of myself and my husband the Christmas we got engaged. (I'd made my own dress and a seamstress I was not.) The unconditional love that he showed me through the years is a strong foundation for writing love stories."

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Christina Sinisi
Christina Sinisi
Nov 30, 2021

One of my favorite Christmas memories is my son's first Christmas as a toddler. His eyes lit up and his excitement filled me with joy. I think Christmas is for all ages, but that wonder and thrill certainly makes children special.

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