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Back to School Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt--Fabulous Prizes!!

Welcome to the inaugural Back to School Christian Fiction Scavenger Hunt. We hope that throughout this hunt, you discover some new books and get to know a little more about us.

A few things before you begin:

This hunt is a blog hop. Collect the “clues” (pieces to the longer phrase) at each stop. Enter the individual giveaways along the way, then click on the link to the next stop and repeat until you reach #28, where you will input the full phrase as your entry to the grand prize drawing.

The hunt begins August 30, 2023, at noon EST and ends September 4, 2023, so you have plenty of time to visit each stop. If you need to step away and come back later, make a note of the last stop you visited, and go to this post with the list of all stops on the hunt.

If you are having trouble viewing the posts, you may need to switch browsers. Chrome and Firefox sometimes work better than Microsoft Explorer or Edge.

Hi, I'm Christina Sinisi. I write Christian Contemporary romance and I am featuring my fourth book, Why They Call It Falling. WTCIF is the third in the Summer Creek series, set here in a make-believe town called Summer Creek outside of Charleston, South Carolina (in reality, it's a mish-mash of Summerville and Goose Creek).

Here's the back cover blurb:

Formerly the wild child of three sisters, Emma Marano grew up to be a single mom working two jobs, estranged from her mother, and lying to her friends. She’d told everyone that her daughter's father wanted nothing to do with his child, but in reality, her own inability to deal with her mistakes and shame led to the biggest lie of her life. But her daughter, Haley, is all Emma has in the world, so how can she regret keeping Haley to herself? Emma’s struggling, though, and her life is slowly imploding.

Right after high school, Justin Lee broke up with Emma Marano and joined the Army, leaving her and all her drama behind. Years later, he stumbles upon her and what turns out to be a daughter he never knew he had. Angry and confused, he insists on having a relationship with his daughter, but to do so, he’ll need to rebuild some sort of relationship with Emma, too.

As he gets to know his daughter—and Emma again—he soon realizes that his biggest mistake was leaving her all those years ago. What he dismissed as drama turns out to be a serious mental health issue, and Emma needs help. Now, Justin has to decide if he can see past her flaws and forgive her lies, and together, they’ll have to work to reclaim their love and a faith in each other and in God, or they risk losing something precious in the process.

As far as the Back to School post...I'm a professor so last week, I began teaching for my 30th year at Charleston Southern University!! Wow--my mind is boggled at how time flies. Prayers for my students and colleagues. :)

Here is your next clue: down by

Finally, a GIVEAWAY from me: If you comment below, you will be entered in a drawing for your choice of my books, in digital form. That's in addition to the chances for the Scavenger Hunt. :) Plus, if you subscribe to my newsletter (just sign up on this webpage), you'll be entered in my drawing twice (plus, get a free short novella)!

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