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What I read (and why)

Updated: Aug 24, 2019

Authors I love.

“Eloisa James (not Inspirational per se), Karen Kingsbury, Rachel Hauck, and so many more.

I grew up on a steady diet of Louisa May Alcott and. Laura Ingalls Wilder and Misty of the picture above, you can see at the bottom some of the books I saved from my childhood for my daughter. I don't know that she fell in love with Eight Cousins (Little Women's relative) as much as I did, but both my children were avid readers (before college--somehow having a lot to read for class takes it out of you). You can also see less well known books like The Five Little Peppers. When we went to Boston to sightsee years ago, we drove further north for the Authors trail. We got to see Ms. Alcott's childhood home which also happened to be the Peppers author's home at one point. I love all the connections and the pure sense of home in all these books.

In middle school, my homeroom was down the hallway from the school library. I'd check out a book on my way there in the morning, read it (I had an hour bus ride each way) and bring it back the next day. I read every book Mark Twain wrote, so many classics, and discovered romance.

Other Authors

Today, I still read a lot. I am usually reading one book that takes some time (right now, I'm reading my husband's The Last Hurrah and in between those chapters, working my way through the Shakespeare plays I didn't read in school). Then, most of my reading time is romance. It has to be romance and not a book with novel on the spine because the latter often turns out frustrating or scary or just downright depressing. Life's too short for that. Oh, and I do read for my day job.

Christian Writers (and books) that didn't write romance

“C. S. Lewis, St. Augustine, Pilgrim's Progress, Hinds Feet on High Places.”

But of course God's word, the Bible, is part of everything I do.

My Devotional Time

I'm such a planner, everything I do is planned. If it's important, find a way and make it happen. So, every morning, during breakfast, I read a page of the Bible and the day's devotion.

If you're wondering how I find time for all of this reading, just remember how many minutes and hours there are in a day. Find time for what is important to you, what makes you happy, and what serves others. Yes, you'll probably come to this web page less often, but that's okay. God bless.

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