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Free and Chance for Free

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

So, after an off week--today's blog is chock full of free.

First, please feel free to sign up for this raffle. You get a chance to win my book free as well as

a lot of other prizes! Here's the information:

"It’s a great day for a giveaway! If you haven’t read Sweet Summer, you can enter to win it on BookSweeps today —plus 50+ exciting Inspirational Fiction & Nonfiction books from a great collection of authors AND a brand new eReader :D Here’s the link:

When you’re done, comment to let me know you’ve entered!"

Second, I've finally got a newsletter magnet! I'm making it available to anyone who signs up for my newsletter--and if you've already signed up, I'll email the story to you if you let me know you'd like to read and give me an email. But it is a newsletter magnet, so you do need to be

subscribed to the newsletter.

The story is a novelette. A three chapter short titled, "A Very Confused Wedding," about Tiffany and Nick's wedding. The story takes place after Christmas Confusion and before Sweet Summer. Hope y'all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Finally, if you live in the Charleston, South Carolina area, I want to invite you to the launch party for Sweet Summer! The book signing will be held August 14 at Main Street Reads bookstore in Summerville, South Carolina starting at 10:30 am and going to noon (or after, if people keep me busy). What's free you ask? I'll be bringing cheesecake bites, just saying.

Have a blessed Sunday and wonderful week!

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