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Guest Blog: Dianne Miley (Free Novella to Everyone who Subscribes)

Please join me in welcoming one of my dearest friends, Dianne Miley, who was a writer before I even met her. We met in our local LowCountry Romance Writers of America. Then, we both switched to American Christian Fiction Writers once we learned there was such a group--and we're charter members of our relatively new local chapter.

Hello Readers, I’m Dianne Miley, author of The Crystal Falls Series. I grew up and raised my

family in Northeast Ohio, but after they graduated, we all moved to sunny South Carolina. I now live near Charlotte, North Carolina. People most often notice my smile and I’ve been nicknamed Smiley Miley by both family and employers!

Please tell us about your book—or in your case, books?

Life isn’t always pretty in picturesque Crystal Falls. Amid family saga and an active gossip mill,

murderers, stalkers, and kidnappers lurk to torment the idyllic small town, but God and romance always wins.

LILACS FOR LAURA: Among fragrant lilacs, florist Laura James finds trouble with her brother-in-

law that threatens her relationship with handsome Brett Mitchell.

SUSPECTED OF MURDER BY THE MAN SHE LOVES, Laura feels trapped when Brett discovers the

man’s dead body on the creek bank behind her house. Does Laura have a chance at love—and

freedom? And who will reveal the killer in a shocking twist?

ROSES FOR RACHEL: Widowed sister Rachel Santos struggles to raise her young daughters as a

single mom.

WHEN A DEMENTED STALKER THREATENS HER LIFE, sabotages her job, and vandalizes her

home, Rachel relies on kind coworker, Elliot Truman. Can she summon the courage to risk her

heart again? And can mild-mannered Elliot protect her?

VIOLETS FOR VANESSA: Brother Chad James rescues sweet Vanessa Gallagher from the wrong

side of the creek.

STRUGGLING TO BE FREE OF HER ABUSIVE FATHER, Vanessa protects her mother and gains

independence. When her father meets his doom, Vanessa’s mother is suspected of murder.

What unexpected turn does Chad discover? And will Vanessa choose love over independence?

SUNFLOWERS FOR SARITA: Brave sister-in-law Sarita Santos testified against her homicidal ex,

refused the abortion he demanded, and accepts refuge with wealthy Max Carter.

THE VENGEFUL EX-CON KIDNAPS HER CHILD from the beach hideaway and Max risks his life to

search for the girl. Can new love endure this tragedy? And will Sarita’s faith survive if her

daughter doesn’t?

Find the books at:

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

On Roses for Rachel, I had several suspects for the stalker and couldn’t decide. Thank goodness

for writer friends! A critique partner made a suggestion, and I immediately knew the perfect

character to be the stalker.

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

What’s your craziest dating experience?

Mine was my very first date at age 16. It was a blind date set up by a friend and we were

supposed to go to a party. We ended up in my friend’s sister’s apartment where my friend and

her sister both abandoned us to make out with their boyfriends in the bedrooms. We were left

alone in the living room with the sister’s jilted husband revving a motorcycle on the other side of the sliding glass doors. Yikes!

He eventually peeled out and left, leaving me and this stranger to get to know each other. Well,

we did. And now we’ve been married for 40 years on June 4th!

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Find the books at:


FREE NOVELLA, Velma & Clarise when you sign up for my newsletter at

Crazy opposites, Velma & Clarise take a road trip to ditch their problems—if only for a few days.

When a roadside diner serves up vittles with a side of violence, the women vroom off in fear for their lives. Will the beach be the getaway they hoped for … or their final destination?

PS. Below is a picture of Dianne's grandson, "reading." So adorable! Enjoy!

Readers, do you know of any other "deals" like this, where you subscribe and receive a free novel/novella? Please feel free to share below! :)

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