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Guest Blog: E. V. Sparrow and Free E-book to Random Commenter

Welcome to EV Sparrow--a fellow Christian fiction writer who is featuring me in her newsletter this month. I love being able to share with readers through all sorts of means!

I use a pen name, E.V. Sparrow, because many of my published stories included true situations and people that I couldn’t reach for permission. I’m from the Sierra Foothills of Northern California. People probably notice I’m short and friendly.

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.

My debut historical fiction novel is Muldoon’s Misfortunes. Michéal Muldoon (Mick), a grieving, alcoholic Irish tenant farmer with scoliosis, who struggles with bitter disappointments. By the age of twenty-one, he’s lost two wives and six children to illness, but desires love and marriage. His rock is love and devotion to family. Mick blames the British for his troubles, and Mister Death—a shadowy entity he glimpses before disasters.

Fleeing his home to protect his beloved sisters, they emigrate to America in 1866. His plans cannot outrun Mister Death when he discovers his nemesis stalking them on the ship. Mick’s new citizenship doesn’t solve his troubles either. Unaware of American prejudices against the Irish and other groups, settling in New York City proves more difficult than he imagines.

While he embarks across the lawless, upper Midwestern territories searching for work, Mick remains vigilant on his quest. In his loneliness, he succumbs to the temptation of unconventional living while he works for the railroad’s expansion in South Dakota. Misfortunes plague him until all hope seems lost.

After Mick’s terrible losses and failures, how can he fortify his frail faith and return to a distant and indifferent God? Will Mick conquer alcoholism? Who can deliver him from the powerful clutches of his persistent foe, Mister Death?


Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

It’s inspired by my great grandfather’s life, but he and I aren’t much alike. I tried to understand his thinking and behavior through letters, photos, and by my grandfather’s nature and his family’s quirks.


Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

Have you ever hopped a freight train? If not, have you ever ridden on trains of any type? What happened on the ride?

I hopped a freight train for the weekend with friends when I was 19. We were so dusty, and smelled like diesel from going through the tunnels, but the views were spectacular! I also bought a EurRail Pass when I was 21 and traveled to 14 countries. Fantastic. I guess I am like my great grandfather and grandfather in the train department.


Share your social media and buy links!

I have a novella almost finished, so the only buy links for now are on Amazon for the anthologies I’m in. Here’s my for everything: 

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