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Guest Blog: Gina Holder Comment for Chance at Free e-book

Welcome to Gina Holder! She will be hosting me in a few weeks on her blog so I'm thrilled to return the favor. :)

My name is Gina Holder. I live in Pueblo, Colorado. I have naturally red hair.

Tell us about your book?

Grace Immeasurable (Shadows Over Whitman #3)

She’s a modern day damsel. He’s her self-appointed knight. Who will rescue whom?

Kylie just wants to run her café without people thinking she’s a damsel in distress. That proves difficult when a man claiming to be her half-brother reveals buried family trauma and forces Kylie to face the scars of her childhood.

Peter doesn’t mean to be a knight in shining armor, but as her proverbial big brother, he decides to uncover the truth about Kylie’s semi-sibling, while trying to make peace with his own mistakes.

Unearthing the past leads to a danger greater than either ever expected. In the end, who will rescue whom?

Share an excerpt:

Kylie’s path to success was paved with coffee beans. Quite literally. The empty bag hung loosely in her hands as she surveyed the mess on the tile floor. The mug-shaped clock on the wall ticked away the minutes, and the slightest aroma of burned caramel hung in the air.

She heaved a sigh and tossed the brown paper traitor into the garbage can, then swiped sticky strands of hair from her face. Why is it so hot in here?

Stumptown French Roast crunched beneath her sneakers, leaving an aromatic trail of clove and bittersweet chocolate behind her as she entered the kitchen. Grabbing the broom, she propped open the back door with the handle. A gentle breeze cooled her sweaty skin. That feels better. The trees quivered, and a shower of red and gold floated to the ground. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

Seconds later, a strong wind whipped down the alley, spattering dirt into her face. Gravel stung her cheeks and tasted like ashes on her tongue. Oh, gross! She spit on the ground, then used the sleeve of her favorite hoodie to wipe her face, leaving a lipstick mark.

Kylie left the kitchen and washed her hands and face in the restroom, rubbing at the stain on her sleeve with a wet paper towel, only making a bigger mess. She took off the hoodie, tossed it in her office, then returned to the front counter. Coffee beans cracked beneath her shoes. I forgot the broom. What did I do with it? Oh, right, I used it to prop open the back.

A tap sounded on the front windows. Paige, wearing an emerald-green turtleneck and jeans, waved from outside the café.

Kylie hurried to open the door and slipped on a puddle. Arms waving, she skidded and slammed into the glass door. Windows rattled. The open sign knocked against the panes and the framed menu fell to the floor and cracked.

Shaking her head, Kylie unlocked the bolt and opened the door. “Good morning.” Her greeting lacked its usual luster, but hopefully, her sister wouldn’t notice.

“Morning.” Paige stepped inside and let the door close behind her. “Forget something?” She held up a set of keys and shook them. “You left these in the ignition. Do you want someone to steal your car?”

“Sorry.” Kylie snatched the keys and stuffed them in her pocket. “I’d misplace my head if it wasn’t attached.”

“Your head isn't begging for someone to take it off your hands.”

Kylie rolled her eyes. “Who’d steal my car? Besides, if they did, your fiancé would get it back for me.” Kylie emphasized the word fiancé, then grinned as a flush traveled her sister’s neck.

“I can’t wait to be your maid of honor. I never thought I’d get to be in my sister’s wedding.”

Kylie giggled. “I never even thought I’d have a sister. Have you two set a date yet?” She switched on the OPEN sign, snatched the cracked menu frame, then walked toward the counter, avoiding the puddle this time, then deposited the frame under the counter out of sight.

“No. Not yet. We’re waiting until Mom gets out of prison. I want both her and my dad there.” Paige jabbed her thumb over her shoulder. “Are you okay? You faceplanted right into that glass.”

“I’m fine. I dropped a jug of milk on my way in.” Kylie rounded the counter. Coffee beans crunched. “I forgot the floor was wet.”

“Why were you buying milk? Don’t you order from a delivery service? And what’s going on back there?” Paige approached and leaned over the counter. “Are those coffee beans on your floor?”

“Some places have peanut shells on the floor. I thought I’d try coffee beans.”

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

Tell us about a time where you completely forgot about something, then remembered later. It can be funny or serious. What happened?

I once forgot about a dinner engagement with friends from church. My family went out to eat that night instead, and then I posted photos of us at the restaurant on social media. The couple we were supposed to be dining with liked the post! I was mortified when I remembered. I don’t normally forget things like that, and I beat myself up about it for years.

Fall is upon us, and I’d love to know your favorite fall drink—hot coffee, hot chocolate, or hot apple cider?

Me? I love a good hot chocolate with lots of whipped cream on top!

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This quirky photo needs an explanation! According to Gina, "My husband is smashing a pie in my face. The boys won the penny race at our Vacation Bible School this summer. My consequence as the girl’s representative was to take a pie to the face."

Wow, a good sport! My students have been after me for years to take pie(s) to the face to raise money for charity. I reply that I am a strong, independent woman and I say no.

At the same time, good for you, Gina!

Also, good for Gina--she will give away an e-copy of this beautiful book to a random commenter--be sure to leave your name. :)

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