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Guest Blog: Heidi Glick and the 12 Days of Christmas E-book Prize to Commenter

Readers, please join me in welcoming Heidi Glick and her wonderful Christmas novella!

Hi, I’m Heidi Glick, and I live in Northwest Ohio. When people meet me, they notice I’m short (5’4”). Also, until I get to know someone better, I’m usually quiet.


Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.


My latest release is a Christmas romantic suspense novella. The title is 12 Days.




Scott Newton retires from the sheriff's office after a fellow officer is killed. Wracked by sorrow and the need for justice, Scott grows distant from his girlfriend, aspiring crime writer, Lindsay Billings. But, when Lindsay goes missing, and Scott discovers her research on the missing person cases thought to be the work of a serial murderer known as the Christmas Killer, Scott vows to find her at all costs. Police have never found the bodies of the people who went missing many Christmases ago, and Lindsay won't become just another statistic.


Then, someone kills again in Blanchardville. Police locate a corpse atop one of seven inflatable swans on a pond, and another body in a pear tree. Scott receives odd texts from Lindsay's phone and deduces they're from the killer.


In order to save Lindsay, Scott agrees to meet the madman and play his game. As time runs out, Scott must learn to trust in God again, no matter what.


Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.


I strive to ensure my characters fight fair. I need for my antagonist to be fairly matched against my protagonist in a fight. The location of part of the story presented some challenges, so I had to think outside the box.


Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two.?


The title of my novella refers to a Christmas song, “The Twelve Days of Christmas.” What is your favorite Christmas song?


Share your social media and buy links?


Buy links:


The novella is available from AmazonPelican Book Group, Barnes and Noble, Google Play, and Kobo.


Social media:



Thank you, Heidi, for joining us...and my favorite Christmas song is Silent Night. I absolutely love candlelight Christmas Eve services and lighting everyone's stub of a candle and singing that song in the light of the glow.

Happy Advent!


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