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Guest Blog: Malissa Chapin (Free Paper dolls to All :)

Dear Readers, please help me welcome Malissa Chapin back to the blog. It's January as I'm writing this introduction and sunny (but chilly) in South Carolina. I hope it's warm where you are...

Hello, I'm Malissa Chapin from Wisconsin where it's frigid right now.

People might notice that I love the piano and I also enjoy several

crafts including watercolor painting.

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.

**Murder Goes Glamping is the second book in my cozy mystery series

about a piano teacher and her quirky sidekick.

Back cover blurb:

She’d rather play a sonata than huddle around a campfire. But when

homicide takes the stage, can she bring down the curtain on a killer?

Piper Haydn enjoys the finer things in life. Coming from wealth, the

music academy owner refuses to let her friend drag her out glamor

camping until the handsome local police chief’s teasing strikes the

wrong chord. And returning to the campground late after a piano

conference, her panic hits a crescendo when she stumbles on a dead body.

Fleeing in horror and now suspected of committing the evil deed, the

terrified thirty-something dives into the investigation to clear her

name. Yet with her artsy hippie pal missing, an unpleasant sheriff eager

to slap the cuffs on her, and a murderer still on the loose, she fears

snooping around could lead to a deadly encore.

Can Piper piece together the cacophony of clues before her next concerto

is played behind bars?

Murder Goes Glamping is the charming second book in the Piper Haydn

Piano Mysteries cozy series. If you like amateur sleuths, loyal friends,

and surprising twists, then you’ll love Malissa Chapin’s cutthroat


Something fun about Murder Goes Glamping is that you can download a free

set of paper dolls with purchase, but I'm sending you the link as a

bonus! This set is Rosie. My first book offers a set of Piper paper


Share an excerpt?

Rosie laughed. “My camper Bess is all fancy now and ready to go glamping.”

Piper raised her eyebrows.

“It’s biblical,” Rosie said.

What is biblical?”


Piper stared at Rosie. “Now you’re being ridiculous.”

“Seriously! The tabernacle. Haven’t you read how God decorated his tent with gold and jewels? That sounds exactly like glamping to me.”

Piper rolled her eyes. “Oh, my word, Roosevelt Hale.”

“Close your eyes and picture this. Pine trees. Wind in the trees. Bird calls and the water. Stars at night and beautiful sunrises every morning.”

“You left out the mosquitoes,” Piper said.

“Think about it,” Rosie said.


“Don’t answer me right away.”


“Sleep on it.”


Piper parked in front of Rosie’s house.

“I’ll call you tomorrow and see what you think.” Rosie blew a kiss to Piper and hopped out of the car.

Piper waved and pulled away from the curb. “I am never going glamping with you, Rosie. Never.” Piper laughed at her silly friend. “I don’t camp—fancy or not. No, Roosevelt Hale, this is one battle you’ll never win.” She tapped the screen on the sound system, filling her car with the sounds of Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” to drive the horror of Rosie’s camping suggestion.


Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

**Have you ever gone glamping or do you prefer camping? Do you have any

funny stories?

We only went tent-camping one time and I took a spooky book to read. I

do not recommend reading spooky books when you're tent-camping in the

woods. I'd love a glamper like Piper's friend Rosie has in my book.

Share your social media and buy links!

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7 comentarios

29 ene

Sounds like a fun story!

Me gusta

Debra Pruss
Debra Pruss
29 ene

Thank you so much. I love cozy mysteries. It sounds amazing. I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful week. God bless you.

Me gusta
29 ene
Contestando a

You are so welcome. Blessings to you!

Me gusta

28 ene

We went from a tent to a cabin! Good place to read!

Me gusta
29 ene
Contestando a

That sounds the right direction--I learned when my son was in Boy Scouts that tents are not my friend. The ground is hard!

Me gusta

28 ene

OH My, I was glamping before I knew it was called glamping so you know how young I was when I started to go glamping and I went camping once & I prefer glamping to camping.

Thanks for paper dolls.

Me gusta
29 ene
Contestando a

Glamping definitely wins over camping!

Me gusta
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