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Guest Blog: Mary Garner

Hi!! My name is Mary Garner and I’m from Arcade, Georgia. I would say something that people first notice about me are the ways my eyes sparkle with laughter and joy!

I’m a new writer. I’ve been writing a little for the past 3 years but now I’m getting serious about writing books and devotionals.

Tell us about your book?

Grace and Blessings (30 Day Devotional)

Do the trials, heartaches, and hard times of this life get you down? Do they drag you down and wear you out? Do they make you weary? If your answer is yes, then I want to invite you to read these devotions that I wrote when I was going through the deepest valleys of my life and the darkest nights. When I couldn't seem to find the light or reach the top of the mountain, that's when I got the closest to God and when He met me with arms wide open. He picked me up and carried me and He gave me strength when I was too weak to even crawl. He opened my eyes and revealed so much to me in those moments and I hope you will be encouraged through what He showed me.

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

Reliving the toughest moments and trials that I went through so I could write these devotions was probably the hardest part.

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two.

Life is going to have its ups and downs, but it also has its rewards and sacrifices. I have learned, though, during this time you will learn many things. God uses every situation in our life, whether greater small, to mold us so that we become more like Him. Every single situation that occurs in our lives is for a purpose that we may or may not know about, but that God already has planned out. He knows what is going to happen before it happens, and He knows the purpose for it.

What situation can you think of in your life where you know God had His hand on it and had a reason for it that you never would have thought of?

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Thank you, again, Mary for being my guest!

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