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Guest Blog: Sara Beth Williams--Sign Up for her newsletter, join a launch team and Cover Reveal

Welcome to Sara Beth Williams, a fellow Anaiah Press author and more.

About the Author


Sara Beth Williams is a published author of Contemporary Christian romance, an ACFW and CIPA member and freelance writer. She has a background in freelance publicity, blog managing, newspaper journalism and ten years in the field of education. Two of her novels have been nominated for a Selah Award. A Worthy Heart (2020) and Anchor My Heart (2022). She lives in Northern California with her husband and two daughters. When she's not held hostage by the keyboard, she enjoys playing guitar, reading, gardening, and spending time with her family. Find out more at


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Newsletter: (Book 2 Launch Team Invites and COVER REVEAL coming soon!



No Matter How Far: A Trinity Lakes Romance Book 7


Release Date: Aug. 29, 2023


Preorder now available, only 0.99!



About the Book:


He ran away to escape his fear. She faces her fear every day.


After the death of his late wife, professor Dylan Mackay never thought he’d fall for another woman, until the stubborn and beautiful Jocelyn rescues him from the top of a ski slope—though he needed no such rescuing. The blissful whirlwind week spent together at Trinity Lakes Ski Resort is one of the happiest in recent memory.

After a messy breakup followed by her parents’ sudden divorce, local Trinity Lakes paramedic and nursing student Jocelyn Monroe had sworn off dating, until she is forced to rescue an injured Australian against his will while volunteering for the mountain ski patrol. Dylan is stubborn, handsome, intelligent, and honorable, with a swoony Aussie accent to boot and she finds herself falling head over heels before the week is out.


Once down the mountain, the spontaneity and carelessness of their rushed relationship comes full circle in devastating blows. Each one grapples with life-altering decisions that would result in moving out of Trinity Lakes—her a short distance away, him across the world. Neither one wants to leave the other, nor do they want to leave the charming town itself. Can they lean on God and trust that He will hold onto them no matter how far they go?


A second chance, opposites attract, small town Contemporary Christian romance.


An excerpt from No Matter How Far:


Dylan stood on the old stone bridge overlooking Lake Wainscott with Jocelyn wrapped in his arms, pulled close against his chest. New Year’s Eve had dawned cold, but clear and blue and beautiful. The perfect day to end the year. He’d taken Jocelyn skiing in the morning and then they’d returned to downtown and consumed way too much food throughout the rest of the day with all the other tourists who’d inundated the small town. Tonight, after eating a light dinner, he had plans to take her to Spokane to watch an aerial fireworks display to ring in the New Year.


For now, they rested, quiet and content, reveling in the beauty of the lake, the town’s festive atmosphere, and the snowy landscape around them. Six days without seeing her had left him desperate for this, and he’d waited too many hours already. Finally, they were alone—sort of. He did his best to ignore the mingling locals and tourists who walked or rode bikes along the bridge. Much too cold for riding around, in his humble opinion.


A frosty gust of wind blew against his face, and Jocelyn tucked herself in closer. He smiled and rested his chin on her shoulder while she leaned her head back against him. They faced the west and watched the sun sink lower and lower over the river that wound through an endless expanse of hills covered in evergreens.


“I missed you all week,” he murmured in her ear.


She rewarded him with a laugh. “I thought we were supposed to be taking things slow.”


“I can’t help it.” He nuzzled her neck, what he could reach beneath her heavy faux-fur-lined coat, and she laughed again.


He’d spent the entire day holding back, but with every passing hour, his resolve diminished until he knew what he wanted. If only he could tell her.


When he turned to face her, with the intent to capture a kiss, she turned her face gently away.

Sufficiently chastised, he expelled a breath and closed his eyes. Was this God’s way of telling him to wait again, or his own words of wisdom from a month ago coming back full circle? Or both?




“Hmm?” He opened his eyes and refocused on the setting sun.


She still rested warm against him, leaning backward against his chest. “Would you tell me if you were planning to return to Australia?”


His breath caught in his chest. How long had this been bothering her? “Of course I would.”


She remained silent again.


“What brought this on?” He kept his tone gentle.


“Your family is in Australia.” She said it so matter-of-factly, with no trace of anger or bitterness. But she wouldn’t have asked if the subject didn’t bother her. “If this is going to work between us, I want us to be open and honest about the future.”


The call to missions God had laid on his heart burned against his chest again. He opened his mouth, then closed it. He’d made no decision yet. He wouldn’t cause her to worry over something not set in stone.


“All right.” His hands sought hers and covered them completely. “How about you? Are you staying in Trinity Lakes?”

She settled closer into him as light faded from the horizon. “I have no idea what my plans are. I do know that I either need a roommate or more income sooner than later. I’ve run through most of my savings while going back to school, and this is the first time I’ve been without a roommate in years.”


He rested his chin on her shoulder as she leaned her head back against his opposite shoulder. “Then I guess we’re back at square one.”


She smiled up at him briefly, then returned her gaze to the horizon.


The desire to kiss her reared up again. He tamped it down. “I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon.” He would find a way to stay.


“I’m exhausted, Dylan.” She closed her eyes. ”I know you wanted to go watch fireworks tonight, but the drive to Spokane and back is long and I’m already so tired.”


She’d been tired, since before they’d eaten a late lunch after returning from the ski resort. Probably due to working four long days then going skiing this morning. And walking around for hours afterward. I should’ve chosen a less strenuous activity. Not planned so many things in one day.

“I’m sorry, Dylan.”


“No worries.” He ran a hand down the top of her head and through her hair. “Why don’t I take you home?” Maybe a nap would do. Then a light dinner and a movie. To him, it didn’t matter what they did, as long as they were together.


“I drove you, remember?”


She still lay against him with her eyes closed. He dropped a kiss to the top of her head. “You can re-familiarize me with how to drive on the right side of the road. Then maybe someday I’ll return the favor and teach you to drive on the left.” He turned her around and gently guided her along the bridge, her arm threaded through his.


She hummed at that.


“Now’s as good a time for me to learn as any, as it seems you’d fall asleep if you tried driving yourself. What with having to drop me off then drive back home and all.”


“Fine. I’ll let you borrow my car. Just make sure you bring it back in one piece tomorrow.”


“Of course.” He smiled, incredibly tempted to kiss her for real this time. “Just another excuse to drop by and see you.”


She laughed as they joined hands and walked back to where she’d parked on Main Street. Without resistance, she allowed him to drive her the short distance home. Taking a few minutes to learn what he needed to know about her car, and to orient himself to driving on the right side again helped bolster his confidence. Having a car with local controls made it easy.


By the time they entered her house, she really did appear like she would fall asleep standing up.


“I think I’m getting sick.” She flipped on the light and the heater, shed her coat and gloves, then collapsed on the couch and leaned against a huge couch pillow, her beanie and scarf still on.


She could be right. That would explain her sharp dip in energy. Must be more than strenuous activity. They’d both walked a fair amount around town after skiing this morning too, but he wasn’t nearly so tired.


Gently, he unwound her scarf and pulled her beanie off. He set them aside and went in search of a blanket. Once he found a quilt, he laid it down over her, and she stretched her legs along the length of the small couch.


“You sure you’ll be all right?” He pulled off one boot, then the other.


“Mmm.” Her eyes closed and she smiled a peaceful, beautiful smile that made him want to stay. “I just need sleep.”


He ran his hand over her forehead and felt the warmth. His fingers brushed through her hair.


He should give her some medicine for her fever, but she probably wouldn’t take it given her already half-asleep state. After ensuring he had her keys, he leaned down to caress her warm forehead again. “I’ll be back in the morning then. Call me if you need anything at all.”


She mumbled a response and was on her way to dreamland before he even walked out the door.


Visit Trinity Lakes and meet the fun and quirky characters who value family, faith, and happy-ever-after. Check out the rest of the Trinity Lakes Romance Series on Amazon


Welcome to Trinity Lakes, a warm and welcoming small town in east Washington, filled with charm, family, and friends, where fresh starts, second chances, and romance abound. You'll meet swoony bachelors, cowboys, and adventurers, sweet and sassy ladies, and your new best friends. This series of standalone Christian romances will warm your heart, inspire your faith, and bring a smile to your soul.

Thank you, Sara Beth, for joining us here on the blog! Readers--I'm wondering--how are you doing? Anything new in your lives?



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Debra Pruss
Debra Pruss
Mar 18

Hello. I am still dealing with issues from the hit and run accident. I am waiting for a referral to a neurologist. We were able to get the van returned with the work complete on it. Thank you for all your prayers and support. Happy St. Patrick's Day. God bless you.

Mar 19
Replying to

I am so sorry to hear that. Praying for you to get the referral soon and a full recovery. Happy St. Patrick's day a day late! Blessings!

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