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Guest Post: Malissa Chapin--Free E-Book to Commenter Winner: Brenda

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Welcome back, Malissa! This says good things about you, dear readers, that writers want to share with you again. You're a great bunch!

Hi, I'm Malissa Chapin. I live in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. I hope people notice that

I'm friendly.

**Tidbit--"write what you know" I'm a pianist and piano teacher and have

played for 46 years--although I don't own my own academy ;).

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.

Murder Goes Solo is the first book in the Piper Haydn Piano Mysteries


Back Cover :

Piper Haydn is on the case when murder comes to peaceful Cranberry

Harbor, Wisconsin.

With her piano recital hours away, Piper's last need is a piano

problem—or a murder problem!

When her new piano arrives with the body of her ex-fiancé inside,

suspicion rests on Piper. To avoid a murder charge, she must shift her

attention from music to murder. With a killer at large, Piper calls off

the recital and closes the academy.

Believing that she and her friends can solve the murder, Piper tries to

clear her name and discover what happened to her secretary Lisa.

As the investigation crescendos, Piper leans on the support and

creativity of her best friend Roosevelt and fellow music teacher Trefor

to help solve the crime. Can Piper and friends solve the mystery before

the killer solos in on another victim?

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about

writing this book.

Making sure I didn't give the villain away immediately and making sure

to leave clues AND throw readers off track at the same time.

OR share an excerpt.

The excerpt is on the piano graphic...

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

Did you ever learn to play an instrument? Did your parents let you quit lessons

or make you stick with it? I'm a make you stick with it mom, but my mom

didn't even let us choose an instrument. All four of her children took

piano--no questions asked ;). Now that we are all accomplished pianists,

we are thankful.

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my site

Malissa will be giving away an ebook copy--comment below!.

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