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Happy New Year!

I don't know about you, but I'm looking forward to the new year...God's mercies are new every morning and certainly, every year!

Are you setting New Year's Resolutions? I know some people don't--we pray to follow God's will and are open to whatever and wherever He leads.

However, I set goals, with the Lord's permission, and do my best to meet them--I'm just a planner at heart. I also sometimes modify them--for example, I had the goal of biking 15 miles at a shot (I have done this before and just wanted to repeat), but my bicycle broke and I went on several long trips that prevented my being able to do so. So, I switched to walking five miles at a time and did this many times.

So, overall, I met nine out of 10 goals I set this past year. The only one I didn't meet was my weight goal--I got so close and then, the holidays. Sometimes, we have to let go.

Just some hints (from the psychologist side of me) about setting goals--make them precise and under your control. I had a goal of submitting to an editor, but I couldn't control whether she accepted my work. The Lord is leading!

So, just curious, do you set goals and how did you do this past year? I want to congratulate you for all you did accomplish this past year--even if that "only" included loving those around you.

New Year's Resolutions aside, I wish you all a Happy 2023 and want you to know how much I appreciate your participating in this blog and your support of my writing. God bless you every one!

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