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Why Christian Romance?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

I've been an avid reader since childhood. I've read most of the classics, mysteries, history and historical fiction, but I always gravitate back to romance. Life is hard. I read to escape and romance guarantees a happy ending. That's one of the guarantees.

In the Christian faith, we have another, more important guarantee. God is faithful and Jesus offers salvation.

In between the beginning and the happy ending, that's the story with a seemingly infinite variety.


In the future, I intend to write blog posts about the stories that inform my stories. I grew up on a family farm in the mountains of Virginia. My father was born there and his father died there, so many stories of a way of life that seems to be fading. Our little 80 acre farm was surrounded by hundreds of acres in all directions where either no one lived, or the owners were elderly and barely got outside so us girls explored and had adventures and hated to leave it all behind.

“The mountains have tales to be told and I listened.”

My mother grew up in Buchanan, Virginia, a town they've labeled the gateway to the James River. Her father worked in the quarry and my grandmother worked only a short time outside the home, in a button factory. She was 13 when they married and he in his early twenties. Something about World War II made him not right in his mind, or maybe he was always that way.


At the same time, all my stories are about now. While the past affects the people now, there's also so much new. I also live in South Carolina now so the beautiful LowCountry is the setting for some of the stories coming out of me. Hope you enjoy them all--and hope I can keep up with these blog posts!

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