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New Year's Resolutions

January 2, 2021...are you the kind of person who makes resolutions? Or have you come to the conclusion that you need not bother because you won't follow through anyway? If you need help and/or you'd like to try again because what the heck, I have some tips (or you can just read along and laugh).

  1. I have categories. Each year, I set goals in the following five areas: Spiritual (because God comes first), Relational (family 2nd), Career, Physical, and Other (because who knows what will pop into my head). I only choose a couple of goals for each and I like the #10.

  2. You may have been told (or read or seen) this before, but do make your goals realistic. Is it something you can actually do? I can write my husband a loving note/text every day because it's doable. I can't make him happy all the time because that's not up to me. I can't guarantee I'll lose 20 pounds, but I can practice yoga 3 times a week.

  3. Goals should be under your control. I can't control whether a manuscript I submit gets published, but I can control whether I write it and submit it. Write those kinds of goals.

  4. Put your goals somewhere you can see them and check on them throughout the year. Mine are in the back of my paper planner (yes, I have a paper planner because online isn't enough).

  5. Don't worry if you don't reach every goal. Life isn't that predictable. Sometimes our goals change because of circumstances or they're postponed. For example, I only have 2 states left and I will have traveled to all 50 US states. This past year we had plans to travel to Maine (Alaska is my other holdout). But Covid-19 happened. So, this year I'll try again. It's all good. :)

  6. Don't stop setting goals. As long as we're living, we have the potential to grow and to love better, to serve God better, and to keep enjoying life.

While I like the number 10, I'm going to be flexible. I'll stop there and ask if you're setting goals and if you'll share one? I do know I pray that each and every person who reads this has a wonderful year, growing closer to God and your loved ones because they're numbers

1 and 2.

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