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Praise and Hope and Worship.

That's what Sundays are for.

This last week was the first week of classes at the university where I teach. One of the annoying things all faculty do (I assume) is some kind of get-to-know-you game. In one

of my classes, Positive Psychology, we do what's called a "positive introduction." It involves

going around to your classmates and finding things you have in common (or not), giving

people compliments, and generally getting to know each other. One of those questions was

what do you do to relax.

God wants to give your soul rest.

The picture above is of a small park in our larger neighborhood. The bench begs for you to sit

for awhile. My hope is that you have a place of peace, where you can talk to God and where you

"get to" read his Word and relax. I also hope you have a church where you leave the service rejuvenated, refreshed, and at peace.

Keep the Sabbath, and may the Lord keep you.

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