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I don't know if I've mentioned this here before, but I am blessed to be the president of my local American Christian Fiction Writers chapter--the South Carolina Lowcountry chapter. Starting last year, one member had the idea for an anthology, I came up with the idea of featuring our local defunct lighthouse that needs money for repairs, and another member came up with the idea of putting the proceeds to charity. We decided on a charity founded by one of our members, SOUL. SOUL stands for Sanctuary of Unborn Life. This charity helps pregnant women at risk for homelessness--a very needed help.

My contribution is titled, "The Gold Note." The heroine of the story, Anna Rizzo, was a secondary character in the second book of my Summer Creek series, Sweet Summer. Sweet Summer if you will recall featured the youngest of the Marano sisters, Shelby.

If you had a chance to read Sweet Summer, you know that Anna stole pain meds from Shelby's apartment and indulged in wine at the same time only to pass out on the floor. She was a party girl who didn't take love seriously, just in life for the fun.

Emergency surgery and rehab, forced to live with her parents during recovery, changes a person. Anna comes back to her apartment, unable to face Shelby or her own future.

Instead of finding condemnation, she finds forgiveness from her friends and mysterious gold notes from an unknown admirer. With Shelby and Tyler, Shelby's now fiance, she unravels the ciphers reminiscent of Edgar Allan Poe's The Gold Bug, to find a true love she'd thrown away.

So, that's my story...and my chapter-mates have wonderful contributions, too!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful week!

Blessings, Christina

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Debra Pruss
Debra Pruss
27 mars 2023

Sounds fabulous. Thank you for sharing your writing with us. God bless you.

29 mars 2023

Debra, thank you for reading! And you are welcome--blessings to you as well!

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