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Sweet Summer Discussion Questions

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my 30th year of full-time college teaching (27 at my present university). So, in other words, I'm excited to meet new students and sad to see summer go. In that spirit, let's have a different kind of blog today. I'm going to post discussion questions for my recent book. I'd love to see your answers and thoughts. Of course, some responses could get personal so feel free to protect your identity or just jump right in!

If you haven't read Sweet Summer yet, what are you waiting for? :) The digital version is only $4 on Amazon here:

ALSO, If you comment below, you'll be entered into a drawing for a free autographed paper copy!! :)

First, what did you enjoy about the book? Not enjoy (don't hurt my feelings, please, but I can certainly improve)?

And then here are some more in-depth questions which could be great for a book club if you have one. Also, I'd love to Zoom in as a guest if anyone needs a speaker!

1. In Sweet Summer, Shelby was around eight when her father was killed. Do you think children of this age might postpone grieving? Have you heard of people grieving by taking risks and testing their mortality?

2. Tyler gives up some of his young adult years to take care of his aging parents. In today’s society, this often falls on older adult children. How has caring for older parents affected your life? What do you think is our duty as children? Do you struggle with the idea of a nursing home?

3. Shelby and Tyler seem to be opposites at first. Do you think opposites attract and, if they attract, do they last?

4. As part of her reaction to her father’s death, Shelby pulls away from faith, God, and her family. Have you ever blamed God from something bad in your life? How did you return to Him?

5. This is the second book of the Summer Creek series. Do you find the sisters’ strained relationship understandable? Have you and your siblings’ relationships experienced ups and downs through life? How has your faith affected those relationships?

6. Were you surprised by Tyler’s real profession? Do you find yourself sometimes viewing a person one way and then having difficulty when your predictions are incorrect?

7. Did you find the ending cheesy? Or do you love over-the-top romantic gestures? Share a romantic time in your life?

8. Thank you for reading! Next year is Emma’s book, Why They Call It Falling. The release date is set for May! Since Emma was painted as a villain of sorts in the first book, do you think she can be redeemed?

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