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Celebrate Lit--A Not So Persistent Suitor by Sandra Merville Hart

About the Book Book: A Not So Persistent Suitor Author: Sandra Merville Hart Genre: Christian historical romance Release date: February 14, 2023

He’s fighting for his career…She’s bent on achieving her own goals…Will their love survive a second chance at happily ever after?

Cora Welch dreams of a future teaching kindergarten, which is in its infancy, and marriage to Ben Findlay, her beau and her twin brother’s best friend. But she returns to college from summer break to learn of Ben’s unwise choices in pursuit of his career—choices that destroy her trust in the man she thought she knew and loved. Ben is working hard toward his dream to become the best reporter in the city. He’s no stranger to fighting for a goal against all odds, ever since he was orphaned at age thirteen. Even though Cora has captured his heart, he makes the mistake of escorting the boss’s daughter to a fancy banquet to further his career—with far-reaching repercussions. Now he’s hurt Cora and botched his career goals. Winning Cora’s trust again proves harder than Ben expects, especially as they both face struggles of their own. When events spiral out of their control, catapulting them into hardship and even danger, only God can restore their dreams—though the outcome may look far different than either of them planned. Click here to get your copy! About the Author

Sandra Merville Hart, award-winning and Amazon bestselling author of inspirational historical romances, loves to discover little-known yet fascinating facts from American history to include in her stories. Her desire is to transport her readers back in time. She is also a blogger, speaker, and conference teacher. Connect with Sandra on her blog, More from Sandra I have wanted to write a story set in Cincinnati, Ohio, in the 1880s for several years. It seems to me that it was on my heart to write while I was still working as a Programmer Analyst and writing was but a dream. Twins Cora and John had been living on their family’s farm before moving to Cincinnati to attend college. John went rogue on me (he does that in Book 3 too ) and got a job at a newspaper working with Ben, and decided not to go to college. Meanwhile, Ben begins to court Cora. When our story begins, Cora is in her second and final year at the Cincinnati Kindergarten Training School. Kindergarten is still in its infancy in 1883, when our story begins. In fact, the demand for kindergartens grew in the 1870s. There were about four hundred kindergartens by 1880, and the need to train teachers for them was a natural part of that growth. A training school in Cincinnati was organized in March of 1880. At first, kindergarten students (aged four – six) learned the 3 R’s –reading, writing, and arithmetic. Before long, principals in higher grades complained that kindergartners also needed a basic knowledge of music, drawing, and manual training. This led to greater training for kindergartener teachers, who learned teaching tools that included games, songs, and handwork. I imagine that incorporating games, songs, and activities engaged the children’s interest in a new and fun way for them. Part of my research included The Songs and Music of Friedrich Froebel’s Mother Play by Fro. Bel. Friedrich. Early training schools used Friedrich Froebel’s writing extensively in their training so I mentioned his Mother Play book within the story. Though demand for kindergartens was growing, most schools didn’t address the needs of these four to six-year-old children by providing a kindergarten class. Cora has to fight for a local school to start a new class to open the fall after she graduates. Another fun thing about this novel is the places I’ve included that the modern reader familiar with Cincinnati will recognize: Fountain Square, the Suspension Bridge, St. Peter’s Cathedral, and the Zoological Gardens to name a few. Follow characters you’ve grown to love in A Not So Convenient Marriage, Book 1 in the “Second Chances” series into A Not So Persistent Suitor, Book 2!

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My Review:

his book was a step above as far as historical fiction goes--changed my way of thinking a bit.

The time period is not your typical and the setting is definitely not your everyday. I've never read a book about Cincinnati. The time frame is the early 1900s and the times are a'changing.

The heroine is attending school to become a kindergarten teacher--a newfangled idea. The hero was a newsboy and is working his way up the ranks to hopefully become a reporter. Another different aspect is that the characters had already been courting when something happens to interrupt the expected timeline. Then, I love how there isn't a fast fix, but a realistic working to recover true love.

I learned a lot and loved the growth of the characters--enjoy!

I did receive this book free as a part of a Celebrate Lit tour, but the opinions are my own.

Readers, share below something interesting about the history of where you live? Have a blessed day!

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