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Guest Blog: Audra Sanlyn (Free short story if you subscribe to her newsletter!)

Hi! My name is Audra Sanlyn and I’m from Northern Virginia. When I tell people I’m a writer, they usually give me a knowing look or say something like, “You look like you’d be a writer,” because I’m incredibly quiet and love my glasses. I also have a fetish for graphic tees that typically sport the name of a writer’s group or a quirky phrase like “Write On.”


All Amy Morrison wants is to get out of Sabetha. From her rural hometown in Oregon, she dreams of owning a high-end fashion company, but a painful decision hinders her ambition. Amy’s life now follows two alternative paths based on how she made her choice. She enters unique challenges and romantic relationships as her two lives unfold. Along both, Amy experiences success and failure, joy and heartache. One of the most difficult consequences of her decision reveals itself years later when she receives heart-wrenching news.

The biggest challenge in writing Impact was the dual timelines. Keeping one plot straight can be difficult, but two had me taking up half an office wall with my storyboards.

What is one strange or embarrassing thing about you that only your friends and family know? Or maybe no one knows. Hey, none of us are perfect, so we can share, right? Mine is that I still chew my nails. I’ve gotten away from chewing on them in public because, well, Covid. But at home I’m terrible. My oldest kid is always telling me to stop.

I don’t have any pen pal stories, but our family recently sponsored a boy through Compassion International and we’ve had so much fun sending letters and pictures back and forth and getting to know him. He’s the same age as my oldest son, so it’s been an amazing learning experience for him to see how a child on the other side of the world lives.

Follow the link to subscribe and receive a free copy of my latest short story based on the main character in Impact.

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Thanks for joining us, Audra, and thank you, readers, for reading!

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