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Guest Blog: Shaen Layle

Dear Readers, please help me welcome Shaen Layle--her book sounds very interesting!

Hi, readers! My name is Shaen Mehl, though I write under my first and middle names as Shaen

Layle. I write cozy mystery from my home in the Midwest, where I live my husband, Danny, our

two little boys, and our shelter pup, Violet. I worked as a Youth Librarian for a decade before

becoming an author. I guess I’ve always found a home in the world of words!

Something people immediately notice about me when they meet me is my super curly red hair–unless I’ve straightened it for the day

Tell us about your book?

My newest cozy mystery, Pearl of Great Price, releases at the end of October, and I’m thrilled

that the story is set in my home state of Missouri! Here’s a bit about the book:

Tracy Doyle is amazed by the overwhelming excitement in Canton when she is sent to report on the grand opening of the Museum of Wonders. But the real talk of the event is about a wealthy tech magnate and his unique donation to the museum. From his own private collection, Grover Glenn has given the museum a purple quahog pearl ring. This rare and very expensive treasure is sure to be a hit among museum visitors. But when the cloth on the display case is lifted–the ring is gone! Worse, security footage shows Tracy’s six-year-old niece, Jana, opening the case.

Despite the evidence, Tracy knows her sweet niece is innocent, especially when they can’t find

the ring in Jana’s possession. So the question remains–who really took the ring?

Meanwhile, rushing to get things done at home, Tracy trips and hurts her ankle. The injury puts

a screeching halt to her never-ending to-do list. How is she supposed to solve the mystery of the missing pearl ring from an armchair?

Share one thing that you found difficult or challenging about writing this book.

I had several health issues while working on this story, including an emergency appendectomy

and a bout of Covid. Feeling rough while drafting the story wasn’t pleasant, but with the help of my wonderful editors, I was able to get the book completed. It feels even more precious to have book in hand now, given those struggles!

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two?

In the story, Tracy Doyle finds a letter from her grandmother’s attic that helps her track down

the missing pearl ring. Have you ever found a letter or other correspondence from a family

member that surprised you? I had a real Guideposts moment last year. I had recently inherited a

piece of furniture that belonged to my maternal grandmother. When I was cleaning it up, I

realized there was something stuck behind one of the drawers. Imagine my delight when I found several interesting treasures, including a letter my grandma had written in 1943 to one of our other relatives in the military. It was a pretty amazing find!

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Shaen will be giving away one signed, hardback copy of my recent release, Pearl of Great Price, to a commenter below.

Thank you, Shaen, for being our guest!

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