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Guest Blogger--Lee-Ann Brodeur

Welcome, Lee-Ann! Please introduce yourself—name, where you’re from, and something people notice when they meet you.

Hi, I'm from the Great White North! I’m Ann Brodeur and I live in the province of Ontario with my husband and kiddos. When I’m out with my family, people notice our kids. We’ve got four of them, one set of twins included. When the twins were babes, it was really challenging to get a

quick trip to the store in – just for the number of people who would stop me to comment about my kids.

Tell us about your book—title and back cover blurb.


Unwrapping their past – one secret at a time.

Owning her own PR firm is all reporter Stephanie Clark wants for Christmas, but the idea of

running a prestigious election campaign in the country’s capital throws her stomach into knots. A last minute vacation road trip to focus and seek God’s direction for her life ends up in disaster when she gets caught in the worst snowstorm to hit Vermont in over a decade, crashing her into a small town and the one person she’d rather forget.

Former photojournalist Jason Miller hadn’t planned on being solely responsible for saving his

family business from financial ruin. He’s barely keeping the newspaper in print, his News Editor

has gone AWOL during the town’s most celebrated holiday festival, and reports of missing

Christmas decorations have everyone on edge.

When a desperate knock at the newsroom door brings a ghost from Christmas past back into his life, can Jason make up for his prior behavior without breaking his promise to Stephanie’s father? Will Stephanie’s quest to solve the town’s Christmas caper—and uncover the truth about Jason’s disappearance—cost her everything she’s ever wanted?

Share an excerpt?

Stephanie grinned, picked up the folder again, and clutched it to her chest. “You won't

regret it. I'm going to find the biggest Christmas story your paper has ever published.”

Jason smiled. “And if you don't?”

Stephanie smiled and shook her head, her confidence oozing from her crooked grin.

“That's not going to happen.” Her eyes twinkled, daring him to contradict her.

Jason's chest rumbled with laughter. “There’s no way there’s anything newsworthy in

these silly high school pranks. Wasting time working on that story when I’m down a reporter. For the record, you'll owe me for going on a wild goose chase when you could be making yourself useful.”

Stephanie waved her hand as she turned to leave, the file tucked beneath her arm. “What

is it that I would owe you if I'm wrong?”

She paused in the doorway and raised a perfectly shaped eyebrow. “Not that that's going

to happen.”

Jason chuckled, enjoying the banter a little too much. “Oh, don’t you worry about that.

I’m thinking something along the lines of writing me a real story.” He smirked. “Like, how does

Santa deliver all those presents in one night?”

Ask the blog reader a quirky question or two.

What are your favourite Christmas treats? Any dishes you’d never make/try again? What


In Snowbound in Winterberry Falls, there is food galore! Of course there would be, since the

town does Christmas for a whole month (much like the real town of Middlebury, VT).

Nothing says Christmas more to me than my Grandma’s shortbread cookies. That smell of butter and sugar while baking brings me back to my childhood. She used to put green and red

maraschino cherries on top to make them festive. As an adult, I leave off the cherries but still

bake a batch or two a week before Christmas so we can enjoy them on Christmas Eve and all

throughout the day of Christmas.

As for Christmas baking fail – I’ve been known to mess up a batch or two of Santa’s Beard

cookies. Again, it’s one my Grandma used to make. Mine have never turned out like hers. I just

get one crumbly mess of coconut and candied fruits with cookie batter. The crumbs taste good

with plain yogurt…

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ANN BRODEUR is an award-winning novelist who writes inspirational and contemporary romances offering sweet hope and happy endings. When she’s not reading, writing, chasing after her kids or enjoying long chats with her husband, Ann can be found drinking coffee. That’s been reheated several times throughout the day. She aspires to drink a hot beverage in one sitting.

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Christina Sinisi
Christina Sinisi
May 09, 2021

For me, my baking fail used to be biscuits, but I finally got them in the last year! Persistence sometimes works. :)

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