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Happy Month of Love--Winner of an Autographed Copy of Sweet Summer: Guest #fcbc. :)

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Good afternoon, dear blog readers! I have been blessed lately by a number of guest bloggers and love learning about their books and stories. I hope you do, too ('cause there's more to come in the coming weeks)!

But I also want to keep in touch with all of you and hear how you are doing. I hope you all are well and pray for you and your families every day.

I also like hearing your stories--and sharing a little of mine. Today, I want to share my love story. As I shared in my monthly newsletter (be sure to subscribe on this page if you want to receive those at the beginning of every month), Kyle and I have been married 35 years and will celebrate 36 this August.

I was one of those nerds in high school who never got asked out and didn't go to prom (so devastating at the time but I can't really hardly remember the feeling any more, time can heal many wounds). In college, I started dating--finally found some guys who weren't intimidated by my intelligence and didn't know anything about my family or poverty or lack of popularity in elementary school. My first semester was great--flitting around from party to party. My second semester, I settled down a bit.

As a sophomore, I was asked to represent my college at the Independent Colleges of Virginia Scholars symposium. It was really just a cool way to meet more smart people and socialize. Kyle was a senior and represented the Virginia Military Institute. We were on the leadership committee and helped plan events, but didn't speak until the first social. The group attended a speech by President Gerald Ford and then a wine and cheese at Washington and Lee.

I actually talked to another gentleman before Kyle came over. We exchanged phone numbers on napkins (no such things as cell phones) and both saved them--still have them. He called me on the hall phone (again, no cell phones) and we started dating.

He left that party and told his roommate that he'd met the woman he was going to marry.

I was a little harder to convince, but he did and I said I do three years later--after dating for his senior year and then writing letter after letter while he was in the Army and I finished school. He drove hours from Ft. Benning, GA after jumping out of a perfectly good airplane and threw rocks at my dorm window (got the wrong floor) and flew from Texas and Kansas as he went from Ft. Bliss and Ft. Riley, steady and good.

Matthew 19:6 ESV "So they are no longer two but one flesh. What therefore God has joined together, let no man separate."

Share a little of your love stories below? I will randomly choose a name next week to enjoy a sweet romance...

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