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It's Me--Christina--Not a Guest Blogger

Happy Spring!

This week's guest blogger couldn't make it--mix-up with her publisher--and rather than rush around switching her with someone else, I wanted to get back in touch with you, my dear blog readers!

I am enjoying learning about other people's books and reviewing them--and learning about the authors themselves. However, I miss writing here myself so I see this possible disappointment as a blessing--not even in disguise.

So, first a little about my writing news. My next book, the third book in the Summer Creek series, Why They Call It Falling, has a release date of May 6. I'm working on edits now so let's hope we make that deadline! The book is the middle sister, Emma's, story--a secret baby story with a twist. I finished a sequel to Christmas on Ocracoke, Hope of Hatteras, and the editor liked it--I'm just waiting on a final decision from the editorial board. Hatteras is Megan's story, Trey Kingsley's younger sister.

I've also started a brand new series, The Blue Ridge series, set in my hometown (sort of, I grew up on a farm in the middle of the boonies on top of a mountain), Buchanan, Virginia. I've sent the first book, The Promise (title still to be finalized) to an editor and my critique partner. When I have time to write, I'm actually working on a sequel to that called, Sassy. For those of you read this blog somewhat regularly, you might recognize the title as matching that of a short story I shared on this blog. Y'all liked it enough to ask for a longer story and that's where I'm going--full-sized novel featuring the hound dog who doesn't like the cold, or hunting for that matter.

Right now, my day job as a professor is keeping me very busy. One of my faculty colleagues left in December to become a nurse (yes, some nurse positions pay more than professor positions, hmmm) and I am now doing a big part of her job that she left behind in addition to my own. I haven't exactly been winning at doing it all this past few weeks. I'm forgetting people's names and losing grade sheets and counting down to summer!

How are you, my dear readers? Is there a praise or a concern that I can pray on your behalf? Thank you for reading and God bless you and keep you.

Thinking of you, Christina. (By the way, these flowers are in my yard and neighborhood

--isn't God's creation amazing?).

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