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Song Lyrics

Looking back through my memory drawer...and dedicating this country song that went nowhere to my husband of almost 35 years. Enjoy, laugh, enjoy this beautiful summer day that God hath made!

By the way, I have kept journals (more or less) and can't find exactly which date my husband proposed the first time...he first proposed on the couch in his Manhattan, Kansas apartment, just hanging out, no big deal. I stopped him! And said no, you can't ask that way, you have to do it right. That was in July of 1985.

In December of 1985 (he was in the Army and months lapsed between us seeing each other), he came to visit me at my parents' house and took me to a fancy restaurant (the Hotel Roanoke is still there, see above picture) and proposed over a fancy dessert. He begged me not to make him get down on one knee and I relented.

Any interesting proposal stories out there? Hugs and hope everyone has a great week!!


You are the best habit a woman could have,

I need a dose every morning and night.

How could I ever think of giving you up?

When nothing else ever felt so right?

Refrain: You are a good addiction to have,

If there every was one.

You are my addiction to have,

so glad we are one.

My mother she told me to stay away from drugs,

fast-talking gentleman and smooth-looking cars.

Everything that feels so good

is bad for you it seems.

But how could I know

you'd be as addictive as my dreams?


You are the best habit a woman could have.

When you lift me up,

I don't want to come down.

I'd do almost anything to keep your love,

Ain't no way in heaven, I'm giving you up.

Christina Sinisi 2005

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Jun 27, 2021

I love your story and dedication to your husband Christina! My husband gave me a box of candy with one piece missing and a ring in its place. I later learned this was his mom’s idea ❤️

Christina Sinisi
Christina Sinisi
Jun 27, 2021
Replying to

That's funny that it was his mom's idea, but still romantic! :)

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